High quality, attention to detail, and friendly, personable service!

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Resourcecode is a web development office that is international in both makeup and outlook, comprising designers, writers, translators, and programmers based in various countries and working in a number of languages. We provide award-winning levels of design, writing, and translation, and remove the burden of creating digital content while welcoming client input. We have a straightfoward system of services and rates, are prompt and punctual, and follow through after a site is built with friendly, attentive, and timely site-maintenance service.

Multilingual Site Production and Translation

We specialize in building multilingual websites, particularly Japanese- , Chinese-, and Korean-language versions, and can handle all of the accompanying challenges... more

Free Icons, Stock Icons

High-quality, high-resolution custom graphic icons are an important part of our designs. We'll soon be offering packages of professionally-designed free and stock icons.

Site Maintenance Services

Resourcecode is different from other digital agencies - we recognize the importance of providing speedy, responsive follow-up maintenance and additions, long after going live... more

Content Management Systems and Templates

You want control over your website. A simple, easy-to-use CMS can allow in-house creation of dynamic content, eliminating the need to outsource for site maintenance... more